The Art of Balance: Work, Play, and Harmonious Success

New Project 14

For Harmonious Success find the right balance between work and play , something that will help you retain your productivity and creativity – Dr Prachiti Punde To balance this one cannot move to an extreme end of spiritual yogic end or engrossed in Maya I.e worldly attachments .The human body is a complicated system and […]

Embrace Wellness, Embrace Success: The Mind-Body Connection

New Project 13

WELLNESS AND MINDFUL AWARNESS LEADS TO HARMONIOUS SUCCESS -Dr Prachiti Punde OUR MIND AFFECTS OUR EMOTIONS & BODY, ANY UNHEALED EMOTION,ANY UNATTENDED MENTAL PAIN…WILL MAKE AN PROFOUND IMPACT ON YOUR BODY & cause dis-ease. Our mind holds immense power, and unhealed emotions can have far-reaching effects on our bodies. It’s astonishing how even seemingly small […]