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Proluxe is a combination of Professionalism and Luxury. This is fulfilled at a one-of-a-kind production facility in Pune that blends Glamour with Wellness. Modern facilities, technology, and GlamowellTM wellness ideas are the pillars of Proluxe.
Our vision is towards new evolved human race that needs new wellness ways beyond body, mind, spirit. Our GlamowellTM way to strengthen The Vital Forces within the human subconscious to harmonize Wellness and Glamour allowing work-life balance. At our headquarters, we cater to this idea with state-of-the-art infrastructure and help you achieve life goals. Proluxe Wellness and Productions aims to be more than just a production facility. It has the properties of an accomplished experiential centre.

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state-of-the-art infrastructure


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International Transformation Associations

Network to create impact through wellness

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Empanelled with MCCI, Asian International,
JOWIN Cancer care Korea, Working globally

Empanelled with hospitals for workshops
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Empanelled with Education institute for wellness coaching
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Empanelled with NGO's for wellness training
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Empanelled with corporates for corporate trainings
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Current Reach

5400 +
Current consultations
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323000 +
Life Transformations
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Vision and Mission

empowering vital force to enhance balance wellness and glamour harmoniously


Proluxe is essentially divided into FIVE zones

It is our vision to empower the Vital Forces within the subconscious to balance Wellness and Glamour which elevates the idea of growth. At our centre, we cater to that idea with a state-of-the-art infrastructure that supports further achieving life goals.
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Proluxe Wellness and Productions is created to be more than just a production facility. It has everything that’s required by the finest experiential centre, offering wellness services as well as profound production facilities for a perfect work-life balance.

Glamour Zone

Proluxe Glamour Zone is a well equipped collaborative premium rental space sprawled over 10,000 sq. ft. designed to let your ideas take shape. We are sure that you will find your self-expression here and also see it thrive. Let our collaboration make waves in the industry. It has facilities like:

Elevated Luxury

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Evolve Zone

Introducing Evolve Zone of Proluxe, World’s First revolutionary Glamowell™ Academy for life transformation services developed by Dr. Prachiti Punde. At Evolve Zone, we offer a wide range of programs designed to cater to both individuals and groups as well as corporates seeking holistic wellness transformation services. We are committed to facilitating lasting positive change in the lives of our clients, helping them evolve into their best selves. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your true potential with the guidance of Dr. Prachiti Punde, the pioneer of the powerful Glamowell™ Lifestyle.

Wellness Redefined

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Remedy Zone

Wellness and Remedy are two interlinked and interdependent concepts. The idea of creating a separate Remedy Zone is to help you achieve holistic health and optimal wellness with the help of a 15+ Medical Experts Panel which provides Skin & Hair Treatments. 


Peak Wellbeing

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Beauty Zone

Beauty Zone is for those exaggerated thoughts that tell you “You are not beautiful.” We calm them down through our much-needed personal attention, showing you the reality you thought had faded away a long time ago. “Cleansing and clearing every bit of dirt & doubt that has been overshadowing your good looks” our Glamowell™ Beauty Techniques are used extensively in all services, especially in Spa Services. We have curated signature Spa Therapies with product customization.

Glowing Beauty

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My Products & Zone

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"For Harmonious Success, find the right balance between work and play, something that will help you retain your productivity and creativity."

- Dr Prachiti Punde

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