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Dr. Prachiti Punde

Karmala-Punde Hospital
Director – Proluxe Wellness & Productions

Dr. Prachiti is a spiritually blessed allopathic doctor who is redefining wellness. With 13 certifications, she is the author of 25 books, holds one patent, and has three copyrights. Dr. Punde also owns a mobile app and has received six international awards, including Mrs. Universe Tolerance 2021, Mrs. Universe Australasia, and Mrs. India. 

Her esteemed roles include being a consultant at JOWIN Cancer Care in Korea and making notable appearances at significant events such as the India-Korea 50th Diplomat Celebrations, India-Japan 71st Celebration, and book launches in Uzbekistan, USTM Guwahati, Vijaygraha Jyotish Ray College Kolkata. Dr. Punde has also been recognized by Singapore Airlines. Ranked 7th in the Global Indian Leader Award by World Brand Affairs, alongside top leaders from Unacademy and BookMyShow, her company, Proluxe Wellness & Productions, was awarded “Global Excellence in Luxury Wellness & Innovation” on World SME Day by the Ministry of MSME & WASME United Nations. Additionally, the Microbiologists Society of India honored her with the “Biotech Service Award” for her unique mobile app, “Proluxe Wellness.”

Dr. Punde is a multifaceted personality, serving as an entrepreneur, Glamowell Institutor, wellness and life coach, model, actress, brand ambassador, college faculty, and author.

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Dr. Prachiti Punde: Pioneering Wellness and Empowering Lives

In the dynamic realm of integrated medicine and holistic well-being, Dr. Prachiti Punde stands as a luminary, embodying the convergence of science and spirituality. With an illustrious journey marked by prestigious titles, groundbreaking initiatives, and transformative coaching, her story is a testament to resilience, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Academic Background and Early Years

A graduate in MBBS and DA, Dr. Prachiti embarked on her journey towards medical excellence. Scientifically studying NLP, CBT, MINDFULNESS MASTERS, AURA ACTIVATION, and residing in ashrams at the tender age of 13, she engaged in practices such as Shivambhu Sadhana and panchayat Sadhana, guided by her gurus. From singing bhajans at 2 years old to spiritual practices by the age of 8, her rare blend of claircognizance and clairempathy emerged early, becoming the cornerstone of her approach to integrated medicine.

The Journey & Evolution of

"Glamowell Theoretical Innovation"

Professional Journey and Current Roles

As the Director of Prachiti Kokoro since 2008 and Founder Director of Proluxe Wellness & Studio Pvt Ltd, Dr. Prachiti has redefined wellness through patented tools and a revolutionary mobile app. Her impact extends beyond borders, with significant roles as a consultant on JOWIN cancer care in Korea. Her dual roles as an Anesthetist and mindskills trainer showcase the harmonious fusion of her medical expertise and spiritual wisdom.

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Innovative Contributions to Wellness

At the heart of Dr. Prachiti’s contributions is the Glamowell philosophy – a groundbreaking concept that merges wellness with glamour. This innovative approach, showcased through an international grooming school and benchmarking company – Proluxe, introduces a fresh perspective to well-being.

Challenges and Achievements

Dr. Prachiti’s journey is peppered with challenges, balancing multi-functionality at her hospital in Karmala taluka, managing a mother’s fashion college in Latur and navigating metro life in Pune. However, she overcame these obstacles, achieving significant milestones. Internationally featured four times for her contributions to education in the field of modelling, she seamlessly integrated wellness and glamour, challenging traditional norms. Numerous awards, including “Woman Mrs Universe Tolerance” and recognition from Singapore Airlines underscore her unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Educational Visionary and Social Advocate

Beyond her professional roles, Dr. Prachiti has emerged as an educational visionary and a social advocate. With affiliations to top institutions and engagements with renowned organizations, she has conducted over 550 workshops, leaving an indelible mark on 100,000+ students and faculty. Her NGO, Abhijita Mahila Hastakala Kendra, reflects her commitment to empowering rural women through skill development, recognized by FSDO and NSDC Govt of India.

Global Impact and Recognition

Dr. Prachiti’s impact resonates globally, evidenced by her presence at diplomatic celebrations and international platforms. Her grooming syllabus, “The Divine Beauty” integrates chakras and life education in the field of fashion, earning her recognition on the cover page of an international novel. A distinguished Anesthetist and On Board Doctor at JOWIN Cancer Korea, and Director of Abhijita Mahila Hastakala Kendra, recognition by Singapore Airlines, esteemed presence at India-Korea 50th Diplomat celebrations, India-Japan 71st celebration, and more. Dr. Prachiti’s 20 years of expertise shine in her transformative coaching, publications, and globally celebrated impactful work, having written 15+ books. Her presence extends globally, marked by accolades, life-saving recognition, and groundbreaking initiatives – she’s redefining wellness with the world’s first Glamowell Experience Centre.

Inspiring the Next Generation

As a published author of nine books on self-mastery, Dr. Prachiti shares her wisdom and experiences. With over 5000 one-to-one coaching clients, 550+ workshops, and 1550+ lectures on self-mastery, she emerges not only as a medical practitioner but as a modern-age saint on a mission to spread the message of holistic well-being to the world.

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In conclusion, Dr. Prachiti Punde's journey is a tapestry of achievements, challenges, and an unwavering commitment to transforming lives. Her unique approach to integrated medicine, coupled with a spirit of innovation and compassion, positions her as a true pioneer in the realm of holistic wellness and self-mastery.

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