With our ground-breaking services in the GlamowellTM segment, we are the first organization in the world to offer this level of expertise and innovation.
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What is Glamour zone

The world revolves around Light!
Light is metaphorically associated with a brighter, more innovative future. Proluxe Glamour Zone is the future of efficient and cost-effective rental production facilities. Aligned with the growing simplification and innovation needs of the production industry, Proluxe’s Glamour Zone came up with a state-of-the-art studio in Pune. It is designed, built, and optimized for producing shows with future-forward content creators.
Glamour Zone is an emergence of unique cutting-edge production technology in and around the city pushing the boundaries of live production.

Illustrious Career as a Life Coach



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Private Screening Theatre

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Pre & Post Production Facility

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Beauty Pageant Trainings


Yearly Retainer Package for Individuals

Exclusive yearly retainer package offering personalized services and benefits for individuals, ensuring ongoing support and tailored solutions.
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Wedding Packages

We are providing the best wedding package that will provide end to end services, so you can participate in the biggest event of life wholeheartedly
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Corporate Retainer Packages

Tailored corporate retainer packages provide businesses with strategic support, cost-effective solutions, and priority services for sustained success and growth.
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Family Packages

We have an all-round package for family of 4. We offer photo and video shoots to consultation's to help you resolve issues. Come, Visit us & give your family an unforgettable experience.
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Wellness Packages

Our neatly designed courses will revitalize you with a brand new approach towards life. Enroll for the courses as soon as possible to lead a balanced lifestyle and avail benefits.
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Individual Transform Packages

We understand your mojo and what keeps you motivated. Solopreneurs we have all-inclusive packages. Come, utilize our space and grab the spotlight. We are looking forward to serve you.
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Evolve Retainer Packages

Dynamic Evolve Retainer Packages: Propel growth with customizable solutions, strategic support, and exclusive benefits, ensuring your continuous success journey.
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Glamowell Tour Packages

Glamowell Tour Packages: Embark on luxurious journeys with curated itineraries, pampering amenities, and unforgettable experiences, elevating your travel to extraordinary heights.
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Pageant Training Packages

Renowned model Dr. Prachiti Punde leads Glamour Zone, offering pageant training and portfolio shoots for aspiring talents, fostering success and balanced, confident lives.
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