For Harmonious Success find the right balance between work and play , something that will help you retain your productivity and creativity – Dr Prachiti Punde

To balance this one cannot move to an extreme end of spiritual yogic end or engrossed in Maya I.e worldly attachments .The human body is a complicated system and has an incredible filing system for all the many millions of emotions we experience during our lifetime.
Our subconscious minds accumulate all our emotions and feelings over a lifetime. Also not to forget the hidden unconscious dreams, desires, fancies , cravings ,past karmas , traumatic conditioning and adaptation mechanisms that arise out of these compell an individual to keep chasing play of life diverting from evolution and connectivity of SELF . There’s a constant war between these two work and play .They are then expressed mentally, emotionally, and, eventually physically in a last desperate need to express the hidden, painful truth. 

Your attitude has such a big effect on the quality of our lives. When your attitude shifts, everything in your world shifts.

But, it starts with you and asking yourself the question, do you WANT it?

I had this question and curiosity since childhood I am into meditation officially in ashram from age of 13 years further for the society culture shifted to getting education for Allopathy and Anesthesia but i was happier and content as the question I had I was actually living it . Balancing work and play achieving it all dived into more studies both scientifically and spiritually.

My work as a Advanced Doctor (allopath (since 1998)+certified life coach (since 2008)+ spiritually blessed into 30 + years of meditation )is to help communicate to all that your body and soul needs towards wellness.
Despite so many resources of fun ,pleasure and happiness mankind seems more troubled as compared to our grandparents who had less resources but were peaceful mentally and stable physically!Despite vast available resources and knowledge human health concerns are increasing exponentially. Not to forget that in today’s fast-paced professional world ;The role of a person he / she
Assumes is becoming greater than the person; efficiency and effectiveness is a constant demand !

To end this war the extreme ended living approach should be modified as per current evolution for harmonious growth of an individual being
. I am happy I’ve done it successfully for many .

Her work as an Advanced Doctor (allopath +certified life coach + spiritually blessed into 30 + years of meditation )is to help communicate to you, what your soul needs you to know hear and release.  After more than 30 years as a therapist, I have devised my own unique and efficient ways of achieving this.

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