OUR MIND AFFECTS OUR EMOTIONS & BODY, ANY UNHEALED EMOTION,ANY UNATTENDED MENTAL PAIN…WILL MAKE AN PROFOUND IMPACT ON YOUR BODY & cause dis-ease. Our mind holds immense power, and unhealed emotions can have far-reaching effects on our bodies. It’s astonishing how even seemingly small emotions can manifest as physical discomfort.

Shoulder pain might arise from the weight of responsibility, while lower backaches can originate from a lack of support or financial worries. Emotional sadness may trigger asthma, stress can lead to high blood pressure and severe disturbances on the mental plane may even contribute to life-threatening diseases like cancer and immunity disorders. It’s remarkable to think that accidents themselves can be linked to our mental well-being.

More than you know, our body and mind are deeply intertwined. Neglecting one can impact the other. People claim to be practical and free of illnesses, yet suddenly find themselves diagnosed with terminal diseases like cancer. This is often the result of accumulating unattended and unresolved emotions over time which silently affects their well-being without them being aware of it, that’s why it is essential to be mindful of the habits we cultivate.
Emotions are not our enemies they are a gift bestowed upon humanity. They serve a purpose in our lives, acting as powerful messengers, urging us to pay attention and address areas that require healing. By understanding the profound influence of emotions on our physical health and overall well-being, we can embark on a journey of wellness by recognizing, acknowledging, and healing our emotions to restore balance and harmony within ourselves.

Dr. Prachitis deep-rooted belief in holistic living and her dedication towards bringing a positive change across the World makes her conduct a lot of workshops on health and wellness globally across Corporate offices and hospitals.. faculty training’s at colleges online and offline.
These Workshops are integrated with her workbooks, game cards and lots of entertaining activities like EFT tapping , acupressure points for everyday discomforts and quick mindfulness techniques . As an author of several books and journals she has successfully integrated her vast knowledge and experience in the field of medicine, energy healing, and spirituality into this book.A rare blend of scientific and spiritual balance that’s written by an allopathie doctor!

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