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India’s Largest Proluxe Gala
The Glamowell Extravaganza

Unlock Healing, Inspire Hope: Become a Sponsor.

Join us for a ground-breaking event featuring world-renowned speakers, including Dr. Prachati Punde, Dir. Abhilasha Bist, Ms. Anju Mishra and more.

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Welcome to The Proluxe Gala, where sophistication meets sustainability, and opulence intertwines with purpose. Our event transcends the ordinary; it embodies a global movement towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Under the resolute leadership of Dr. Prachiti Punde, we champion the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with unbridled passion and unwavering commitment. This night is a celebration of elegance and purpose, where we gather to make a meaningful impact on the world.

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Align your brand with the transformative conversations at The Master Series Proluxe Gala 2024. Explore our sponsorship packages to make a lasting impact on the future of Good Health & Well-being.

About The Event

The Benefits Of Sponsoring This Industry Leading Event:

Global Exposure

Connect with 100+ attendees from around the world, showcasing your commitment to good health & well-being on an international stage.

Dedicated Tracks

Sponsor a dedicated room for one of our conference tracks, positioning your brand directly in front of your target audience, from medical professionals to educators and business leaders.

Innovative Showcase

Showcase your brand alongside cutting-edge technologies and solutions in innovation, hospitality, wellness, and production, creating opportunities for collaboration and growth at The Master Series Proluxe Gala 2024. Explore our sponsorship packages to make a lasting impact on the future of Good Health & Well-being.

Interactive Opportunities

Engage directly with attendees, introduce speakers, and leave a lasting impression. Our sponsors are integral to the conference, with numerous opportunities for interaction throughout the event.

Networking Hub

Connect with industry pioneers and visionaries shaping the future of Health, hospitality, wellness, business education, spirituality, and fashion at The Master Series Proluxe Gala 2024, forging invaluable connections. Explore our sponsorship packages to leave a lasting impact on the future of Good Health & Well-being.

Thought Leadership & Brand Visibility

Elevate your brand’s visibility and establish thought leadership by contributing to critical discussions in Good Health & Well-being.

Lead Generation

Generate quality leads by connecting with global leaders, professionals, and decision-makers at the Master Series Proluxe Gala 2024.

Social Media Exposure and Content Marketing

Leverage our extensive social media reach and gain exposure through various content channels, including newsletters, blogs, and promotional materials.

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Unlock the Future of Good Health & Wellbeing: Elevate your brand by sponsoring The Proluxe Gala, the Glamowell Extravaganza 2024. Download our exclusive Sponsorship Information to embark on a transformative journey in shaping Glamowell awareness and innovation. Your impact begins here.